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Being part of your soul, your vision is very important to equilibrate yourself. It's also your ability to see things in the past.
Star light will reach you in quite a long time after having be emitted. Your vision area make you able to see this light from the point it has been produced in the past. Each rank of tile in your vision area is one day lag time.
1°) Size of the vision area

2 méthods : count directly the white cases in local space window or the red squares in the control window next the vision symbol .

2°) Move in the vision area

It's forbidden... The karmastore could propose something to correct this...

3°) Act in vision area

It's not possible, but, as said previously, maybe the karmastore...

4°) Talk in vision area

In the chat, you can discuss with people in your vision area but not very well. The messages will be coded. The more the one with who you talk is far, the less the message will be readable.