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The action area is the territory where you'll ba able to do things. If you see a star in it right after moving, it's really there. The action area is one the stellar attributes, and is reponsible for phenomems such as collapsing.
1°) Size of the action area

2 méthods : count directly the blue cases in local space window or the green squares in the control window next the action area symbol .

2°) Move in the action area

Left click on an adjacent case from yours to move. This icon shows if the move is available or not and its cost. The cost is higher if you want to go away from a white hole.

3°) Act in the action area

A contextual menu is displayed if there are available actions on the target (right click).
On a basic target (not a special one like a debris for example), while moving the cursor on it, you can have some information about it.

4°) Talk in the action area

You can discuss via the chat with entities which are in your action area.